Friday, December 21, 2007

can tigers practice Buddhism?

I had a Birman cat who was a Buddhist, I swear she was. She liked to eat vegetables. And she was the most calm feline I'd ever known.

She was murdered by pit bulls.

But that is not my topic, though I mourn her still. My topic is the kanchanaburi temple in Thailand, where Buddhist monks walk among tigers. I have wanted to visit ever since I first read of it, some years ago, though the more touristy it gets--by necessity, perhaps, as way of supporting the tigers--the less spiritual it seems to be. Still, what an experience it would be to caress a tiger! One can even volunteer to work there. If you are between 18 and 50 and are interested in spending some time (3 weeks-6 months) practicing Buddhism among tigers, you can apply.

I have to say I have read some negative reports about the place: tigers being mistreated, possibly drugged. I want so much to believe that peaceful practice can soothe even the fiercest beast. What do you think?

(See videos on right hand video bar.)

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