Monday, January 28, 2008

Celebrate Patry Francis and The Liar's Diary

A seductive psychological thriller about a woman facing the dark truths at the heart of her family. Jeanne Cross's contented suburban life gets a jolt of energy from the arrival of Ali Mather, the stunning new music teacher at the local high school...

Today, over 300 bloggers, including bestsellers, Emmy winners, movie makers, and publishing houses have come together to talk about THE LIAR'S DIARY by Patry Francis.

Patry is a talented author who was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. She's had several surgeries, and her prognosis is good. Her debut novel The Liar’s Diary came out in hardcover from Dutton last spring. The trade paper release is Tuesday, January 29th; however, given that Patry won't have much energy to promote the release, a large number of blogging authors are banding together to do it for her. This is going to ROCK THE BLOGOSPHERE!

Here are some tastes of her fine and compelling novel:

Click for audio clip.

Check out the video:

NOTE: In support of Patry Francis and this remarkable blog initiative, Penguin Group USA would like to offer 15% off the paperback edition of The Liar’s Diary when purchased online from until 2/15/2008.

On the shopping cart page, enter PATRY in the ‘coupon code’ field and click ‘update cart’ to activate it.

In addition to being a skillful writer, Patry is an amazing woman. All you have to do is read her blog to see for yourself what a beautiful, compassionate, inspiring spirit she has. Then you'll know why so many of us are celebrating today, January 29, as Patry Francis and The Liar's Diary day!

Here's what a few others had to say today:
Peter Coyote
Khaled Hosseini
Neil Gaiman
Dani Shapiro
Jacquelyn Mitchard

So, buy the book, enjoy, and keep Patry in your thoughts, prayers and wishes.



RobinSlick said...

Beautiful, Maryanne. Thank you!

And oh boy, you didn't know about Etsy? You are in serious trouble now...I need a 12 step program for that site.

bevjackson said...

Thanks, MAS. I'm going to try to copy this for my blog. You've done a fabulous job here!

katrina said...

Lovely post MAS!