Wednesday, February 13, 2008

that's me looking saintly!

or even a bodhisattva! How cool is this award-winning mixed media painting by one of my dearest students, Margit McLaughlin. She's a very talented writer as well.

and here we are together:


Patry Francis said...

How lovely! We should all have an image of ourselves as saints or bodisattvas to hold before our eyes.

Lincoln Highwayman said...

What a sublime saint you make!


Ellen said...

That painting is magnificent. She captured something in your eyes, Maryanne. Some real essence.

How incredible that you inspire your students like this!


katrina said...


Maryanne Stahl said...

thanks, all.

yes, she's just wonderful. one really cool thing is the painting is mixed media, so the little jewel on my forehead is real (fake) as are the earrings, and the flowers are cutouts. the semicircle behind my head is lined in sparkly cord. t's just the coolest painting.