Saturday, February 23, 2008

when Grand Central Station stood still

New Yorkers, my family used the phrase "it's like Grand Central Station in here" to mean crowded and busy and active. But this video gives new meaning to those words.

Who was responsible? Alien forces? Global warming? George Dubya? Nope. It was ImprovEverywhere.


Jim said...


A very fun video! It was extra cool for me to see that, because back in 1964, when I was 19, I hitch-hiked to NYC from California, and actually slept on the old pew style benches in Grand Central Station for a week or so until I got a job at Macy's as Christmas help.

Then I found Greenwich Village and the tail end of the beat generation I came learn about just as it was transforming into the '60s counter-culture of my generation. What an amazing time and place.

Thanks for dropping by Earth Home Garden and I'll be checking out more of your posts.

Peace & Love

Don Capone said...

Very cool! And five minutes is a LONG time to not move. Unless you're on the couch watching TV.