Tuesday, March 18, 2008

a deer in a tiger's hand

“Last few days I had a sort of feeling, a tiger, of a young deer in a tiger’s hand,” he said, in the most intimate confession during a two-hour long exchange with reporters. “Deer really can fight the tiger? Can express. But actual fight? Our only weapon, only strength is justice, truth. But effect of truth, justice sometimes takes longer time. Weapons power is immediately there.”

--his holiness, the Dalai Lama
in remarks to reporters on Tuesday. He also revealed that he has been unnerved by the violence across the border in Tibet and by the increasingly radical calls from Tibetan exiles in this country.

The 72-year-old spiritual leader of Lama Buddhism said he would step down from his political post if things “get out of control.”

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Sharon Hurlbut said...

I've been appalled and transfixed by what is happening in Tibet, Maryanne, particularly as so much of the rest of the world seems oblivious. His Holiness' deep pain is evident. All my thoughts turn in one direction...