Friday, March 14, 2008

democrageddon now!

The transcendental path is not masculine or feminine.

This bloody war between Clinton and Obama-- who has more (or less) "substance", who has better experience, whose minority is more beleagured, who is more ready for the 3AM phone call (who ever is?)-- all this has got to STOP.

I believe the Clinton camp has been responsible for most of the dirty fighting--for suggesting McCain would be a preferable candidate to Obama, for suggesting (via Ferraro) Obama is a candidate only because he is black, for coyly intimating Hillary wouldn't mind Obama as VP, i.e., undercutting his presidential appeal...on and on. But my Clinton-supporter friends have insisted that Obama has been just as divisive. I don't think so, but for sake of argument, let's agree they have both lost sight of what really matters in this election, and that is getting a Democrat in office.

I can't believe how fiercely my Democrat friends have been fighting all week over the Ferraro comments and now the (dug up by FOX) Rev. Wright tapes. (Another story. It's political suicide to admit that blacks have anger against powerful white men, to admit we've fucked up America's relationships abroad and been too cocky to admit when we've done wrong. The Rev. is being excoriated and Obama will 'have to' disavow him. grrr.)

But my point is simply this: as Stephen Colbert called it, we are in the midst of Democrageddon! In other words, the party is imploding.

We have got to get it together, NOW.


jackstah said...

Abolish the party system, have all elections decided by yours truly?

Maryanne Stahl said...

I'm almost ready to go for it.

Maryanne Stahl said...

what's your policy on retirement endowments for aged mothers?

robin andrea said...

I am so glad to read this! I was thinking about writing a post for Monday titled, Have You Noticed? We have been avoiding politics because it has gotten so incredibly insane. But what really bugs me is how the Clinton-Obama dog and pony show has become such a great distraction from the economic meltdown. That and Eliot Spitzer saved the administration from having to actually explain to the citizens about the meltdown.

As a Democrat, I am absolutely incensed that it has come to this. I actually have entertained the notion of sitting the next election out. Depending, of course, on how terribly John McCain is polling. Sheesh.

Maryanne Stahl said...

oh, I understand your dismay, but I hope you don't sit it out.