Saturday, August 2, 2008

is McCain the fake McCoy?

I am puzzled with how much support John McCain seems to have, given the country's dissatisfaction with the current administration, its policies-- its crimes. McCain offers more of the same bad leadership: stay in Iraq, attack Iran,coddle big oil,kiss big business, screw health care. He continually changes position (100 years/16 months, what's the diff?). Rather than the "straight talk express" his campaign has been dubbed (rightly, imo) the "double talk express".

The one-time Mr. Clean has been playing awfully dirty, focussing on the kind of absurd non-issues upon which the dumbest of the American public (and that's most of us) love to base their voting. His most recent campaign ads have been ridiculous at best (comparing Obama to Paris Hilton?), outright dishonest at worse (saying Obama went to the gym instead of visiting troops and showing a clip of his playing basketball with the troops).

I used to admire McCain. He seemed like the "maverick" everyone said he was. He was against torture, in part, presumably, because he had experienced it himself and knew how defying the Geneva conventions could put our soldiers at terrible risk. Now, not so much.

The more I see and hear McCain, the more he seems to be losing it. Forgetting important distinctions. (Al Qaeda/ Iran?) Getting cranky. Getting old. Bitter. Nasty.

But maybe he was always an s.o.b. Maybe the press (his one-time "base") didn't want to admit yet another hero had feet of stinking clay.

Obama dares to be different and gets attacked for being a demi-god. (Since when is it a negative for an American leader to be admired abroad? Have we sunk so low?) Yet McCain can claim the right to lead because he was a P.O.W. Not that he doesn't deserve props for eduring that. But how does living in a cell translate into the ability to make strategic foreign policy decisions? administer the government? enact sound economic policy? I never got it.

And now, if even a tenth of what Hugh E. Scott says is true, I get it less. But one thing's for sure, America will get it--up the wazoo if we elect this geezer. (Check out the POW record info).

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