Saturday, September 27, 2008

ok so it's saturday

and I'm not going to discuss the debates. you watched (or not) and you know how it went down. you know how I stand.

instead, I'm going to talk about me and my puny life:

I wake up thinking I am late for school (I teach at a public high school arts academy). so much going on at school, my head swirls with testing and projects and meetings. but no, it's saturday. so here are the things i have to do:

1. clean the house. the cat hair alone is making jim sick. the dirt disgusts me. the tables are unrecognizable under piles of stuff. some of which is mail, some of which are bills.

2. pay bills.

3. do laundry. the hampers are overflowing, even though some mornings I put a load in before I leave for school. but, my washer has broken (two weeks after the 5 year warranty ran out). so...

4. go buy a new washing machine. which means research and decision making and arranging for delivery. oh, and finding the money.

5. go grocery shopping. I have one can of catfood left.

6. grade papers.

7. do classwork for the gifted certification class I am taking

8. work in the garden. water plants, at the very least. I don't like it when living things suffer. and

9. my animals need flea treatment. I can't buy the good flea meds on line without approval of the vet who wants me to bring them in.

10. mail my grandson his birthday gifts. he will be two on Oct. 1! I also have a niece and 2 nephews with birthdays this week. and a sister and a daughter with bdays coming up.

11. read? for work, for current events, for pleasure? do art? (several people want to sell my work, if I ever complete any). WRITE???? I am a writer. but my own work always comes last. I have not produced a book in 5 years.

12. enjoy the sunshine--or even the beach, which was the reason I moved to Savannah in the first place. (god knows it wasn't for the heat, the bugs or the crime. I spend five days a week from 7:20 AM until 5:30 PM --or later, on Mondays, when I rush to class--indoors.) i.e., maybe actually relax a bit?

of all of the above (and I know I left out a lot), I WILL mail my grandson's gifts and I WILL get cat food. anything else may be postponed AGAIN for another week. but I am so wound up and yet exhausted, all I want to do is go back to bed and sleep.

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