Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the christmas tree

I will be in New York for Christmas, spending it with my daughter and grandson and family. I almost didn't get a Christmas tree. But then I did. Because in all my (many) years of life, I have never spent a Christmas without a Christmas tree. No matter how I happened to lean in spiritual matters (Catholic, agnostic, indifferent, pagan, Buddhist...), I have always had a Christmas tree in my house. (Several, during my affluent years; scrawny Charlie Brown trees--or tops or bottoms of trees--in lean years.)

This year I did concede to scaling down. (A little every year, it seems). So, it's short and fat. But sweet.

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Mariah said...

It's so cute! I didn't know you used to be Catholic. I was, too once upon a time. It's funny where life takes you, isn't it?