Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Great Deal!

My lovely and gifted writer friend and Writer's Digest editor Jordan Rosenfeld is offering a deal on her book about writing, Make a Scene, to cut down on what she has to transport in her house move next month.:

$12/copy and FREE shipping. Plus she'll personalize copies.

Here are some editorial reviews from Amazon:

In Make a Scene, Jordan E. Rosenfeld magnifies with intelligence and insight the underpinnings of powerful story making. Demonstrating in a step-by-step manner why a scene works, Rosenfeld shows how fiction writers can apply this knowledge to their own work. The astonishing depth and breadth of this guidebook, which utilizes a wide range of narrative styles to underscore a point, make it a vital tool for writers serious about their craft. -- --Jessica Keener, fiction editor of AGNI Magazine

Make a Scene is one of the clearest, most pragmatic books about writing fiction I have ever come across. Refreshingly lacking in ego and full of useful examples and discussion. -- --Maryanne Stahl, author of The Opposite Shore and Forgive the Moon

Make a Scene will answer all the questions you might ask--and some you won't think of asking--on the scene. In clear and concise language, using innumerable examples from James Joyce's "The Dead" through Joseph Conrad's The Secret Sharer and on to Harry Potter, with explanations of terms from "the reveal" to the epiphany, Jordan Rosenfeld explores all the secrets of the scene. For the beginning writer, as well as one who thinks he/she knows it all. -- --Sheila Kohler, award-winning author of Cracks, Crossways, and Bluebird: Or the Invention of Happiness

Product Description
In Make a Scene, author Jordan E. Rosenfeld takes you through the fundamentals of strong scene construction and explains how other essential fiction-writing techniques, such as character, plot, and dramatic tension, must function within the framework of individual scenes in order to provide substance and structure to the overall story. You'll learn how to:
Craft an opening scene that hooks readers and foreshadows supporting scenes
Develop various scene types--from the suspenseful to the dramatic to the contemplative--that are distinct and layered
Tailor character and plot around specific scene types to better convey the nuances of your storyline
Create resonating climactic and final scenes that stay with readers long after they've finished your work

If anyone wants to add Jordan's other book (written with Rebecca Lawton), Write Free: Attracting the Creative Life, she'll make an even better deal: both books for $20 and free shipping!

Product Description
Equal parts writer's workshop and spiritual journey, this open-hearted guide will show you how to attain and sustain the creative life you desire. Based on a time-tested principle and using methods pioneered by the authors, Write Free provides a wealth of inspiration, advice, and activities. Exploring how we attract the conditions and events in our lives, Write Free is an invaluable aid for writers, creative souls, and others who want to envision and achieve the inspired life of their dreams.

Contact Jordan through her website: http://jordanrosenfeld.wordpress.com/contact/

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