Wednesday, April 8, 2009

by any name, so pretty

it's that time of year: weeks after most people in Savannah have cut their lawns, months (or more) after the ones who really have no lives have done so, the time of year when the doorbell rings and passing pick-ups slow and I get asked the question, "lady, do you need your lawn cut?" "no thanks," I say, " we'll be doing it soon." and we will. or rather, jim will. because even though this is Thunderbolt, lawns are more or less kept cut.

I don't like cut lawns. I mean they can be pretty and, in some places (with fewer fireants than Savannah), nice to run barefoot upon. but oh those chemicals. and the poor meadow critters. and the wildflowers! uncut lawns invariably produce wildflowers. I love wildflowers.

so, since jim is planning to fix the mower soon, I cut some "weeds" for the porch.

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