Sunday, April 5, 2009

Poems Out Loud/ Found Poem

check out our poet laureate's project, many favorite and many unfamiliar (to me) poets, each reading a selected poem out loud. Good stuff!
Thanks, Mr. Pinsky. Great idea!

oh, and check out this, too. (scroll to Katherine Mechling, a fifth grader. I couldn't find a way to post it directly.)

and here's my "found poem" for today (thanks to Beliefnet Horoscope):

"A Different Kind of Discomfort"

Just as we start to recover from the heaviness
of yesterday's Mars-Saturn opposition, we face

a different kind of discomfort. Instead of being
constrained by responsibilities, today's Leo Moon

encourages spontaneity. Rather than preventing
us from doing what we want, authoritative Saturn

is now just a serious annoyance. The Moon's entry
into careful Virgo at 7:01 pm EDT announces that

playtime is over and we must again think
about the workweek ahead.


Carrie Berry said...

What a lovely experience listening to the young lady's rendition of The Sloth (and indeed the rest of the wee video which was also delightful). I have bookmarked the site for later. In fact, this reading reminded me of a children's poem I wrote. Perhaps I will post on my blog. Loved your found poem, btw.

Maryanne Stahl said...

thanks, dear.