Wednesday, May 27, 2009

good news and bad news, neither life altering*

*at least not my life.

first the good: Alice Munro won the prestigious Man-Booker International Prize for a body of work in literature. damn straight!

The Man Booker International Prize, worth £60,000 to the winner, is awarded once every two years to a living author for a body of work that has contributed to an achievement in fiction on the world stage. It was first awarded to Ismail KadarĂ© in 2005 and then to Chinua Achebe in 2007.

Best known for her short stories, Munro is one of Canada's most celebrated writers. On receiving the news of her win, she said, ‘I am totally amazed and delighted.'

and the bad? oh, just that I discovered my car tires were torn and shredded, bands showing, and I had to rush to get new ones and an alignment, to the tune of $500., and so now my tax return money is officially depleted. I'd hoped for a new laptop, or a vacation, or getting my house painted...

oh well. it's only money. could have been worse. but god bless Henrietta Honda, the best, most reliable car I have ever owned. we are growing old together. (OK, a word of praise for Guenther, the almost-antique Mercedes, purchased by my son's grandparents on the day he was born, handed down to him, saving his life in a highway accident once, driven now by Jim. Guenther is golden, too, in a beat-up kinda way. both he and Henrietta sport green magnetic peace signs on their doors. maybe that's what keeps 'em young at heart.)

guess I can't complain.

and YAY Alice Munro!


Carrie Berry said...


robin andrea said...

Good news about Alice Munro and really nice car. Like that peace sign a lot.

Donna said...

Love the peace signs--but do they get you dirty looks, lol? Yay, Alice Munro, my favorite writer ever! She so deserves the honor.