Friday, July 10, 2009

electric urgency

Pudding House Press has just published my chapbook of poetry and flash fiction, Electric Urgency. Of course, chapbooks must be hawked. so, I officially announce the news here!

If anyone is interested in buying or reviewing a (signed) copy, send $12. to me at paypal (use my email addy: or email me or see other options below.

I have to say I rather like the book. I'm glad to see the selections I choose together and the cover is growing on me. I think the blank billboards are the electric sort, non-working (thus, urgency); jim thinks I am reading too much into it.

I like the blankness because I can write or draw in there! or, readers can color in their own copies! how cool is that?

Ordering Options:
Pudding House phone orders: 614-986-1881
email at
and mail order :

state title, author, 1 copy at $10 + 2.50 p/h
send to
Pudding House
81 Shadymere Lane
Columbus Ohio 43213

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