Sunday, July 25, 2010

the job I wish I had...

I often say I should have been a vet, because I love animals and am a natural at healing, but I wasn't a natural at math. so any science beyond biology was a bit out of my league... and though I am fascinated by physics, let's face it, I don't know an algorithm from an alligator (except to know I prefer the latter).

but copy editor? at the New Yorker? that, I think, I could have done. why? (aside from the hours--starting at 10 and going to 6 or beyond) because I have the essential ingredient-- to wit:

Andy: What qualities make a person a good candidate for copy editing?

Mary: Self-doubt.

self doubt! not only was I born with plenty of genetic self-doubt, I have honed it! ah well, maybe in the next life...

read more of agent Andy Ross's interview with copy "OK-er" Mary Norris here: HERE.

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robin andrea said...

Self-doubt! Hah, I could have been a copy-editor too!