Sunday, March 20, 2011

vernal equinox

as I type, the vernal equinox is occurring. today is a day where light and dark are equal, but tomorrow light will begin to predominate. may it be so.

the last few weeks have been horrendous on a global scale: war, earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster. I can barely contemplate no less write about such events without becoming overwhelmed with anxiety. and then guilt-- my little corner of the world is still relatively peaceful and fortune-blessed. my children and grandchildren are thriving, I have a job and a home. as far as I know my health is relatively good. how can I quiver with anxiety and fear when others suffer so? but that's just it, of course, the suffering of others leaves me weak with grief and helplessness.

I am of no use to anyone, family, students, friends and the world, if I am weak, and so I must endeavor to find strength--and light.

I welcome light.

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