Monday, November 17, 2008

literary plugs

so, a few of my writer friends and acquaintances have some cool stuff going on. check them out, if you are so inclined:

interview with Randall Brown, author of the prize-winning flash fiction collection, Mad to Live.

writer Jessica Lipnack's blog, which discusses writer Pamela Eren's decision with her publisher to make her wonderful prize-winning novel available for FREE on pdf.

Carolyn See, writing in The Washington Post, loved my friend Kirsten Menger-Anderson's debut collection, Doctor Olaf Van Shuler's Brain.

and the smartest erotica author you have ever met (or read), my dear friend Donna Storey is interviewed on WKPFA in Berkeley.

More writer stuff to come...


kma said...

Thanks for the plug! Pleasure to be mentioned in such good company.

Donna said...

Yes, what a thrill for a downtown girl like me to be in company of some awesome writers. I'm loving Kirsten's book, btw. It's everything the blurbs say and more!