Saturday, January 12, 2008

why do I stay up late doing nothing?



Jim Murdoch said...

I used to do a lot of that when I was younger. It's the nearest I've ever got to meditation, sitting not doing anything, not needing to do anything or have anything done to me. I used to just wander from room to room. It sounds a bit sad, and I suppose I was but this wasn't the cause of my sadness, more a way of dealing with it. It was at times like that I'd let my mind wander and sometimes it was productive but mostly not I have to say.

Maryanne Stahl said...


well, I do meditate, actually. and I never do nothing, so that post was a lie. unless I meant surfing the 'net is nothing, which, in some senses, it is. or perhaps I meant all is nothingness.

but really, I am a night person in a day person's life. my novels were written in the wee hours. but now I work for a living.

so it goes.

bevjackson said...

I wish I could stay up late!! I have to TIVO Boston Legal. It's just humiliating.

Gabriel Orgrease said...

Maryanne -- it was Jim's blog that led me to your blog.

I have found that there is a level of writing that I cannot do and handle a day job at the same time. Actually, it is writing that comes near a waking dream state and when I am involved in that I find that I become hyper sensitive in my interrelations with people to a degree that day job sort of rational behavior becomes a real strain. It does not help that my day job is my own to make or break.

Wandering around on the net, reading, exploring, saying hello - like this here - helps me to learn to make transitions between the night and the day. So though it seems often like a lot of tilling of empty earth this doing nothing in the end makes for a lot.

One of the stories I like about Gurdjieff was the fellow that he had dig a hole on one day, fill it the next day, then repeat.

Maryanne Stahl said...

lol, bev, you crack me up.

I wish I were a morning person. morning is so beautiful.

gabe: hi. glad to see you here. very interesting comments. I sometimes think being a writer, or anyway working on something, by necessity means some other part or parts of your life must go. not for nothing, as they say, did I get divorced after writing two novels. I'm in a different place now.

Jordan E. Rosenfeld said...

The answer, Maryanne, is:

Because you CAN!!!