Friday, January 11, 2008

the dalai lama on myspace?

is this legit: dalai lama's myspace page ? At any rate, it's quite wonderful. I was almost tempted to join myspace, but I resisted. I have gotten into too much internet mischief since being home from work, joining both beliefnet and the author's site red room, blogging there, and of course playing on facebook and zoetrope. enough.

meanwhile, I went for my post-op visit to the surgeon yesterday and learned that my gallbladder had been chronically inflamed, rigid, held 25 stones and had formed adhesions to my liver. that's why surgery took longer than anticipated and it also suggests to me that surgery was the right choice. so much for my lamentations about trying cleanses first! (still, I do need to make considered decisions, not just default, and this experience has shown me that. I also need to take better care of my health and nutrition.)

monday I go back to school, although I feel anything but completely ready. I do miss my students, but I am still quite low energy and I am going back to Open House and Exams week. oy.


Gabriel Orgrease said...

Real or not Tenzin Gyatso sure has a lot of friends as per his MySpace.

Sorry to hear about your health. I send "Heal Soon" vibes.

Maryanne Stahl said...

yes he does! and thank you!