Saturday, September 6, 2008

weekend away from toxic thought!

So, yesterday I read and laughed at and, finally, felt uplifted by Mark Morford's column. "Greetings from the Angry Left." I felt as though he were writing to me (and many of my friends) because I have been more than a little upset of late (see rantings in previous posts below). I know --and am told, by my health practitioners--that anger and worry and all this stress is not good for me. But what am I supposed to do? Vote Green and let what happens happen? Been there. And LOOK what happened.

I mean, even the Dalai Lama is stressed lately! (Or something worse--like poison? Anyone have any updates? )

There I go again, worrying about his holiness... and about Tibet, and global warming and the US economy and...Ommmmmmmmmm!

I don't think I should or even could go live in a cave. Like it or not, I do feel the weight of responsibility for my part in world and national caretaking, however small. And even though I know that the best way to bring peace to the world is to bring peace to myself (and let everyone else do the same), I can't help but get agitated by this election.

Still, it's the weekend. So I'm taking a break from Sarah and the Pits and going to try to concentrate on some self-nurturing, and I invite you to do the same. (We've got only a day and a half!) Here's something to help, a few simple chi-gong techniques.


PS: rest in peace, Taktser Rinpoche

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Patry Francis said...

This helped; it really did--especially the piece about the "angry left."