Sunday, October 19, 2008

Uncle Colin Wants YOU to Elect BARACK OBAMA!

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GC SMITH said...

I ain' Joe the ...

'cause, like Colin Powell, I'm votin' for Obama.

But I do work with my hands;

A new one:

Been At Stuff For A While

I’m long in the tooth
but that doesn’t matter
I'm still good
for gettin' a job done

I do lots of stuff
‘cause it pleases me
that I’m still usin’
both my brains and my hands

I’m still good for
swingin’ my hammer

I’m still good for
sawin’ on woodstock

I’m still good for
fittin’ crown molding

I’m still good for
tilin’ a floor

I’m still good for
fixin’ the plumbing

I’m still good for
splicin’ a wire

I’m still good for
turnin’ my wrenches

I’m still good for
kissin’ my sweetie

I work hard with my hands
sometimes work hard with my mind
I play super hard in between
‘cause to me it’s what life is about

An old one:

What I've Done; What I Do

I've scribbled my scribbles on pieces of paper
I’ve measured and sawed and hammered on wood
I’ve put wrenches to bolts to automobiles
I’ve wired and plumbed and painted my home

I play with my boat and fish in the waters
I swing my golf clubs and bet on the score
I read me good books and also some poems
I play poker and bridge and even some chess

I've worked for our uncle, you know the one ~Sam
Earning my paycheck with numbers and words
Now with my hands I've built and remodeled houses
To keep myself busy and, of course, for a profit

I’ve loved with my lover for near fifty years
I’ve heard what she says with interested ears
I’ve shared with my lover the raising of children
I’ve tried to be honest and fair doing that

I cook evening meals of fishes and meats
I drink beer and wine and sometimes a whiskey
I try to be neat and keep our home clean
And at that I fail cause I am a male slob