Sunday, October 19, 2008

wreck this journal and stuff

I've been all political sound bites, all the time on this blog lately (not that anyone reads it, really, so I kind of think of it as a private journal lying around on my dresser. if someone picks it up, that's cool. if she doesn't, cool too.)

the main reason I post politics is because, well, I'm (we're) about to vote in the most important presidential election of my lifetime. I have a grandson and a planet about whose fate I am deeply concerned. and I work loooong hours and can't log on from school (@#!*) so I don't get to post often. this is my digital scrapbook.

but I thought I'd put up a few snippets that are not political. unless one considers open-minded appreciation of life to be leftist-leaning.

so here's the journal I've been "wrecking" lately, having fun, feeling as though I am back in kindergarten! (actually, I never went to kindergarten, so I'm making up for it.) I find myself wanting to color and paste almost more than I want to do anything else these days!

of course, you don't have to buy the wreck this journal book to wreck a journal. you can do it to any book. I bought mine to use with a class. each page suggests a kind of wreckage. (though you can of course wreck the idea altogether.) these are the beginnings of my wreck in progress: random items (or are they?)

circles drawn during a faculty meeting:

negative comments: (I had trouble allowing myself to do this.)

the pocket lint project. first entry:

torn from the Savannah Connect (because the Sav Morning News is sooooo bad):

spillage from several different coffees:

office supply pages:

tracings (some details added) of stuff in my purse:

scribbling with (w)reckless abandon:

four-letter words

fun, no?


bevjackson said...

Fun! Yes!! You are a clever girl.

robin andrea said...

This is great. I love it.