Sunday, December 21, 2008

solstice blessings

it feels soooo good not to have to go anywhere or do anything today. not that I haven't enjoyed seeing people the last two nights--friday night, former students, saturday night, colleagues--or shopping, decorating, eating, drinking, etc.-- but I've been bone tired. (ok, it's also hormonal.)

anyway, I am blissfully vegging. (of course, at some point I must pack for New York. universe-willing, we'll get there despite snow.) I do miss our usual sunday meditation--cancelled today because people are out of town--but I also love not having to get dressed or drive anywhere. my friend betsy will come by later and we'll have a glass of wine. maybe I'll get dressed for her.

we'll see.

today is the winter solstice (officially at 7-something EDT this morning).a lovely day to feel at peace. though it's grey here in Savannah, it's still warm. windows open.

happy solstice, everyone.


robin andrea said...

Happy winter solstice to you, maryanne. Safe journeys to you, as well.

Tricia Dower said...

No windows open here in Victoria, BC, where we're having tons of very rare snow. Enjoy your holiday, Maryanne!

Maryanne said...


I celebrated the winter solstice today by watching the solstice episode of "Little Bear" with my 2 year-old grandson. It was magical.

happy new year!

sexy said...
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