Thursday, January 1, 2009


happy new moment!
happy next new moment!
happy new moment after that!

I have begun the new year with meditation and --what else--net surfing. Here's a little new year's gift to y'all, a link to where you can take a test to see whether you are depressed or ADD, read an article about how teens who take virginity pledges don't end up having any less sex than other teens (why am I not at all surprised?), look up meds in a directory or check out any number of mental health rescources.

happy mental health!


on resolutions

I don't generally make them. however, this new year shines a light on my intention to practice generosity. I don't have much money, but I can donate in small ways which, added to other small donations, can combine to make meaningful contributions.

I have always made small charitable donations during the holidays, but the obama campaign highlighted the power of accumulated small gifts. I want to make it my practice to donate often--even daily.

contributions do not always mean money (for example, re-using water run-off or feeding the birds and wildlife around my house contributes to their well-being and also cuts down on waste).

the most difficult contribution for me to make (and I suspect for many others) is that of time. I will continue to struggle with my greed for snatches of me-time and try to use the ones I gain productively. what a balancing act this is!

another way to be generous is with thought. it doesn't take much money or time to give someone a compliment, to wash someone's cup, to purchase a small item someone could use/would like, or to hold back from fanning the fires of anger or discord. those things take thought, and emotional effort.

in other words, generosity of spirit.

of course, donating money is good, too. so here are some worthy causes.

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robin andrea said...

Happy New Year to you, maryanne. Sounds like your resolution is the one we probably all could make. Thanks for the reminder.