Friday, July 1, 2011

mind-body connection

a dear friend of my son underwent surgery for melanoma this week, and I have been doing what I can to send her healing intentions and reiki energy. I have asked my on-line friends to offer thoughts, prayers and intentions as well, as I believe that intentions can be conduits of powerful healing.

when my niece had a brain tumor a few years ago, I asked people all over the world to pray for her/send intentions, largely through the Zoetrope on-line writers group (one of the first and longest-lasting social networks). natalie recovered completely and is now fine, a lovely teen-ager, and I am very grateful.

I have long been fascinated, in a somewhat scattered way, about the connections between the physical and the spiritual, the emotional and the material, and my son's friend led me to consider how positive or negative emotions such as grief or fear affect health. (I am familiar with Louise Hay's work.)

so this morning I came across a post on FB regarding a blog contest. I was in need of procrastinating, so naturally I signed up to write at least 15 blog-journal entries about holistic health and spirituality (the topic I selected from their choices, which include News and Politics and Entertainment). if anyone cares to check out my musings over the coming weeks, or post a comment, or join the contest yourself, do so here.

fyi: rachel is the name of the young woman who needs healing intentions. may she recover completely and live a long, happy, healthy and productive life.


robin andrea said...

When Roger was about to undergo surgery last year for colon cancer, I asked all of our friends-- online and off, to send him their very best thoughts and healing vibes. I don't think we can change outcomes, but we can help raise endorphin levels that might in fact change outcomes. Roger is doing very well, one year later. I hope Rachel is doing well.

E said...

The mind body connection is so powerful. It is good to be reminded.

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