Wednesday, November 26, 2008

turkey talk

today and for the rest of the holiday weekend I want to focus on gratitude. not an original idea, but an essential one. because being grateful not only promotes good, it feels good. it must be healthy. it must be downright selfish!

I'm not going to list (yet) that for which I am grateful (max). I am merely going to be grateful, to smile in the sunshine, to revel in time off from work, to generate peace where and when I can.

for me, though, november is also the season of death. the plants wither, the sky greys, and I am more aware of and grateful for every day that passes without a funeral. my parents both died in november, on the same day but years apart, both suddenly and painfully, and so it isn't such a stretch for me to give thanks for life while attuning to death.

a friend passed on this article from the Boston Globe concerning a blog event launched today to garner awareness for the Engage With Grace project, a movement to get people talking about their wishes for their death. it's something people tend not to discuss, with some dire results. so do check it out, do note the five questions on the one slide powerpoint and discuss them with loved ones when you can.


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